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About World War Zombie

World War Zombie: Aftermath is the ultimate co-op zombie shooter based upon Paramount Pictures' smash hit movie, and also the next advancement of the initial hit World War Z that has currently astounded over 20 million players. Transform the tide of the zombie armageddon across gaming consoles and PC with complete cross-play. Enroll to 3 buddies or play on your very own with AI teammates versus hordes of ferocious zombies in intense tale episodes across new zombie-ravaged areas worldwide: Rome, Vatican City as well as Russia's Kamchatka peninsula.

New Stories From a World up in arms
All-new tale episodes in Rome, Vatican City, and the Russian much east at Kamchatka. Play as both brand-new and returning characters as you take the battle to the undead with a brutal brand-new melee system, annihilating zekes with distinct moves, advantages and also dual-wield weapon choices like the sickle as well as cleaver. Ward off new undead monstrosities, consisting of flocks of flesh-hungry rats that will release total mayhem on your group.

The Next Generation of the Zombie Swarm
Play in wonderful 4K|60 FPS. Withstand unlimited waves of increasingly hard zombies in the brand-new Horde Mode XL game setting, including hundreds more zombies on display than in the past feasible.

Deep Progression as well as a New Perspective
Experience a heart-pounding new perspective with Aftermath's immersive new First-Person Mode option. Level up 8 special courses-- the Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer, Exterminator, Dronemaster, as well as all-new Vanguard class-- each with their own perks and also playstyles. Personalize your tools to survive any challenge, and also overcome brand-new everyday goals with special modifiers for bonus offer rewards.

How to play

Using Mouse