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About world war 3

World war 3 is an on-line multiplayer tactical FPS established against the backdrop of a contemporary worldwide problem. Team up to outgun and also outflank the adversary in thrilling tactical altercations waged throughout real-world places like Warsaw, Berlin, and Moscow. Tailor your best loadout from a substantial tools arsenal, then deploy lorries, drones, and gizmos, and call in strikes to take the advantage.

Utilize every device at hand to win the battle. Obtain your boots on the ground as an infantry soldier, drive around in storage tanks as well as vehicles, make use of drones to evaluate the battleground, and also call tactical strikes for optimum damage.

Fight via sensational maps featuring realistic geography and amazing degrees of detail. Take the fight from the roads of Warsaw, Berlin, Moscow, as well as Polyarny, to the outskirts of Smolensk as well as past.

How to play

Keyboard and mouse controls 900 X 600 Mon Mar 15 2021