Stick Duel: Shadow Fight

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About Stick Duel: Shadow Fight

Stickman fighting has never been so challenging, fun and thrilling! Experience the fast-paced action of this new 2 player fighting game that combines stickman dueling, RPG and strategy elements. Fight alongside a friend in this epic battle to defeat an evil Ghost Lord who has taken over their world. Stickman Duel is an epic stickman dueling game where you control two stick figures at once by also controlling the other player’s character as well. You fight together against all kinds of monsters, dangerous traps, evil castles and more to save your kingdom from an evil Ghost Lord. There are many different types of enemies to fight against so you'll be challenged every time you challenge it again. The goal is to reach the final level where there's only one ghost left, but beware! It will take more than just one player to beat this enemy. Have

Stick Duel is an epic, stick figure battling game. In this action packed fighting game your objective is to beat your opponent by landing more punches than them. This action packed fighting game has awesome 3D graphics and also attractive sound effects which will make you hooked to the game. You will love playing this game as it comes with a lot of exciting features that will keep you coming back for more. The game has several types of animals like Tiger, Lion, Rhino, Crocodile etc to choose from in the

Stickman fighting games have become a rage nowadays. There are so many of them available that one cannot keep track of them easily. To make it even easier, the genre has now branched itself into multiple subgenres with different mechanics and gameplay styles. If you’re searching for a stickman fighting game to play right now, check out these top 8 games that have it all: action, arcade, adventure, RPG, shooters, 2 player games and much

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Using Mouse