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About Slash Ninja

Slash Ninja is a fast-paced stealth action game where you control a ninja who must sneak and kill his way to victory. Explore the world of This one, a ninja in search of revenge. Use your skill as a swordsman to fight your way through more than 20 levels of thrilling stealth action. Make noise, avoid detection and execute deadly combos with your sword to overcome obstacles, reach new areas and hunt for your prey. Will you be able to free the ninja trapped in the final level? This amazing game features an original art style, dozens of weapons and unique combat that will keep players coming back for more. evolved from clicker games with HTML5 technology 

Slasher is a fast-paced ninja combat game where you fight other players online. It’s based on the classic fighting game genre, but with a twist: the combat is real-time and you can only play against other human players rather than computers. The objective of each match is to be the first to kill your opponent by slashing their neck or by poisoning them with an explosive arrow. It’s simple, fast-paced and lots of fun - and it’s free to play! If you like battling ninjas in real time, this game is for you. 

Ninja slashes a target from behind with a sharp scimitar. The target is then stabbed repeatedly with the blade, causing them to bleed profusely. The ninja slashes the target’s back and stabs them again, moving in towards their stomach. They continue this process until they have enough strikes in to cut them in half. It’s not just any backstab attack either; it’s a ninja slash attack! In this game, you will learn how to execute this deadly technique by playing as one of three Ninja Slasher heroes: Samurai, Boys or Clicker – an HTML5 swordsman who uses his mouse to click on his virtual enemies and slash them

How to play

Using Mouse