Ninja Robo Hero

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About Ninja Robo Hero

Are you ready to become the ultimate Ninja? Raise your ninja skills to the next level in this action-packed fighting game! The Ninja are back, and they’re better than ever. In the face of an unprecedented global threat, only the most capable warriors have the mettle to lead the way… Enter the realm of Super Ninja Hero! This is a forever-changing world. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Utilize your ninja skills to attack, evade and block! Fight against various enemies with a variety of special powers such as speed, invisibility or teleportation! Use these powers wisely as even one mistake could cost you your life! 

The Ninja Robos have been kidnapping people, and the superheroes are not doing anything about it! Can you save the world as the Hero? Become the Ninja Robo Hero and save humanity in this action-packed fighting game. Unleash a variety of attacks on your enemy with over 30 different Super Techs and a whole lot of Ninja Magic. Use your environment to your advantage or become vulnerable by fighting in dark areas with low lighting. The choice is yours in this thrilling fighting game set in modern.

Ninja Robo Hero is an action packed fighting game. The player controls a ninja who has to defeat all of the evil robots with his invulnerable super robot sword. Use your skills and experience to defeat as many robots as you can in this frantic combat

How to play

Using Mouse