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This is the official game of the popular TV show Muscle Race. Choose between 7 muscle men, and run as far as you can. You cannot fail unless you choose to! You will need to balance speed and endurance to run for as long as you can before getting tired. The longer you run, the more money you earn, which can be used at various shops along your way to upgrade your character or unlock new characters. - 7 muscle men to play with: Scott, Ryan, Chase, Conner, Austin and Tyler - Several playable locations at one time: City Trail, Countryside Trail, Urban Jungle Trail and Alpine Village - Upgradeable characters: Unlock new abilities by spending money in different shops or buying tokens from friends - Realistic physics in all levels: Jump over obstacles with your own body weight or use objects such as benches or car bumpers for momentum - Collect medals along the way: Unlock new characters by completing challenges and reaching a final destination within a specific time

The addictive racing game returns with a new exciting gameplay! Run through the city dodging obstacles and collecting coins to unlock new characters, items and tracks. The game is more fun than ever. Unlock awesome new characters like Freddy, Chica or Golden Freddy and enjoy the adventure of this horror-themed spin-off from the main franchise. Play as your favorite Nightmare Fred Doll in this third-person running game where youll play as him trying to escape thefreddy factory before it closes forever! You have 100 levels to complete in total with branching paths and hidden secrets. Adventure through different neighborhoods as you run away from the creepy children of FNaF World. Collect stars along the way to unlock new characters and outfits for your freddy. Earn money by completing missions or purchase them via real cash. Race against time while avoiding numerous deadly traps and other dangers that lurk around every

Body Run 3d is a challenging racing game. Drive as fast as you can and collect coins so you can upgrade your car and race with other players on the same track. Race in four racetracks and unlock new cars, tracks, music genres and more to keep you entertained for hours on end. Unlock achievements to prove that you are the best racer out of everyone else. - Realistic driving physics engine for an exciting experience every time. - Multiple car upgrades to fine tune your driving skills. - Intense multiplayer modes like Hot Seat Races, Player VS Player, Time Trial, Daily Challenges

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