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If you are a fan of the superhero games and love to play action games then this is your ultimate game. This game is all about helping the super hero in saving his home town by eliminating all the evils who try to ruin his life. The entire game has been designed keeping in mind boy players as well. In order to make this game more interesting, there are various mini missions which will be available along the way of playing. Each mission will have different challenges that you need to face and take on to advance further. This is one of the most played and loved games for kids and boys, who enjoy playing action adventure games. The gameplay is great, with a variety of locations to explore; it’s not difficult but also not easy so that older players can enjoy it as well. In addition, there are numerous types of enemies with different abilities that you need to find weaknesses in order for them to be defeated

Animals can’t speak, but they can scream so loudly that it can be heard across the kingdom. They have been trying to break free from the confines of their cages for many years. Now, one by one, they have managed to escape and are on the run. The kingdom is in panic mode as all of them are running around loose. Its time you come up with a brilliant plan to take back the kingdom! Explore various locations and uncover clues to track down these cunning creatures. Keep your eyes open because a clue might be hiding behind something seemingly innocent! Use your logical thinking skills and use items you find around you to solve puzzles, gather keys and unlock gates to progress further in the game. Build traps using plants or objects lying around you to capture your prey once you corner

Murder Game is a game developed by Zeptolab. It was released on February 14th, 2019 for Xbox One and PC. The game takes place in a small town named Little Woods. Things are not well in the town with murders occurring one after the other. All fingers point to the local high school called Glen Oaks High School. You play as Marcus Holloway, the son of the recently deceased police chief who has been tasked with investigating these murders. As you progress through the game, you will gain access to new abilities and weapons that will help you solve the case faster and more

How to play

Using Mouse