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The Huggy Wuggy is a crazy little kitty! He loves to play with his friends and he is always ready for new adventures. He will never get bored of playing, so it’s best to keep him entertained! In this funny 3d game you are going to control the Huggy Wuggy who will be following the trails that your mouse has left behind. Look at all the objects and hidden places on the screen and follow them with the help of your cat friend. The trail will take you through different rooms in the house and at each one, you will find something new to discover, so be sure to watch out for everything that can surprise you on your way! The goal of this game is simple: follow as many items as possible before getting caught by your pursuer. To do this, simply use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard or touch screen and make the fat kitty run from one place to another. Discovering more about his surroundings will grant you points which will unlock new areas in which to hide from your pursuer. There are three levels in this free online kids

Huggy Wuggy Play Time 3d is a fun and relaxing game for kids. They will love playing this cute little creature named Huggy Wuggy and all the toys that are exclusive to him! You must take care of Huggy Wuggy and help him play with all his friends. The more toys he plays with, the happier he becomes! You must keep him happy and entertained by playing games with him, like hide-and-seek, tag or hide-and-seek again! Playtime is also the perfect time to learn new things about your little friend. For example, did you know that playing with Huggy Wuggy will help clean your child’s room? Let’s see what else we can do to keep our child happy and healthy. Check out this Kids Games blog for more information on how playing games can help children develop social skills, build confidence, make new friends and stay

Do you like puppies? Huggy is a very friendly puppy who loves to play with other puppies. Play with Huggy and have fun together! Help Huggy Wuggy find her friends in this imaginative, puzzle-filled adventure game for kids. Explore the forest, watch the clouds roll by, climb up to the top of the tree house and explore all of the rooms from there. Collect various items to find hidden friends and solve challenging puzzles. Have fun playing this awesome puzzle adventure game for

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