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About Hole.io Online

In the multiplayer.io game Hole.io, you eat everything in your path. You begin as a little black hole, and as you take in more things, you grow. You can swallow more objects into the abyss as you gets bigger. This happens repeatedly until you start devouring entire civilizations.

The Rules of Hole.io
Grow games are typically limitless and focus consuming other players for large payouts. Then after, you restart when you're eaten.

Hole.io is unique. The basic objective is to gobble up as many objects as you can, though you can also absorb other players. You can grow quickly within the allotted 2 seconds by doing this. You simply need to wait a little while after being consumed before resurfacing.

Modes of Play
Hole.io's timed game mode is the default. The hole with the highest score wins when the timer expires. Battle royale is also another option; it's an unending game style that ends when only single player remains.

With its wide selection of maps, Hole.io can satisfy even the most sophisticated taste for carnage. There are many other alternatives, including post-apocalyptic wastelands, cities, farms, and medieval themes. To begin, simply choose any map you choose from the menu.

Hole.io Advice
Start eating little objects like plants and people as soon as the game begins. You will quickly expand as a result, allowing your hole to take in larger objects.

How to play

Using Mouse