Drunken Boxing 2

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About Drunken Boxing 2

If you want to play a game of skill or one of luck or a combination of both, Drunken Boxing 2 is the game for you. This is a fun and challenging boxing game for two players. You will have to be very focused if you are playing this one player game as your opponent can check your moves from outside easily. The rules of this fighting game are quite easy to understand and anyone can play it without any prior experience. The screen resolution should be HD. The objective of the game is simple, punch your opponent as many times as possible in ten rounds till he gives up or you are too exhausted to continue. The AI system has been programmed in such a way that it counters almost every punch thrown at it with an equally effective counterpunch, making it difficult to win against an experienced player on hard difficulty setting

Drunken Boxing is a 2 player fighting game that involves two players punching each other in the face as fast as possible. It isn’t about how many hits you can take but if you can land your blows first. The objective of the game is to knock your opponent down by throwing more punches than they can in one turn and then run away from them until they give up or they pass out. You control your character with either a virtual joystick or an accelerometer. The left side of the screen corresponds to the left side of your player and the right side corresponds to the right side of it. You will also be using a virtual punching bag to simulate hitting someone physically behind you. So get ready to get drunk, hit something, and work on those hand-eye coordination

Drunken Boxing 2 is an awesome multiplayer fighting game to play with your friends. If you like boxing and drinking alcohol, this game is perfect for you! In this game you need to punch your friend as hard as possible in their stomach. The opponent will do the same thing to you. The player who punches the hardest and drains their opponent the most wins. This fighting game is more than just a normal boxing game. You need to think fast and act smart. Also, stay alert at all times or your opponent can take advantage of you by dodging your punches or attack you from behind! Are you ready for some crazy drunken boxing action? Then join the club and get ready to throw some jabs! Play Drunken Boxing 2 free now 

How to play

Using Mouse