Castle Wars: Knights vs Orcs

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About Castle Wars: Knights vs Orcs

Are you ready to become the greatest Knight of the realm? In this epic battle, you will fight against hordes of Orcs as a member of one of the eight great knightly orders. You must build an army out of warriors from different races and stations in life to prove your worthiness as a true warrior of legend. Collect and train various kinds of Heroes and Spellslingers to complement your team. Arm yourself with powerful weapons and armor, recruit brave allies and lead them into battle against your enemies. Fight online with players around the world in real time! Unlock new characters, upgrade existing ones or unlock multiple versions to suit your playstyle. Upgrade your castle keep as you progress through each level, unlocking more rooms for training and storage space as you grow in

In this epic game you will take control of one of the armies from either side. You must outsmart your opponent and conquer the strongest castle you can. Build an army and train them to fight for you in battle. The Orcs are invading! Your small village is not prepared for such a fierce assault. You must prepare your troops, train them and lead them into battle against the enemy Build up an army of trained warriors and siege engines to fend off the Orcish invaders. Train your troops, construct barracks and smithies to produce more units. Unlock new units as the war progresses or by completing quests given by NPCs in your army. Then use them in real-time strategy battles against the Orcs! Control different units at once with hotkeys or individually with mouse

Evil is a constant force in the world of Arcus. The wicked are always on the lookout for ways to cause harm, and the good are just as eager to stop them. With the rise of new factions and organizations, evil versions of peace and justice have emerged to combat their counterparts. This leaves the forces of goodness with a few options when it comes to dealing with these menacing forces. For some, it’s best to ignore them as much as possible. Others prefer engaging evil in direct combat to keep it from spreading further throughout Arcus and destroying everything good along the way. The Knights Vs Orcs is one such battle epic that takes place between two warring factions belonging to good 

How to play

Using Mouse