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About Bazooka Hyper

Today we present you the latest new and amazing arcade game by Gameplayso. This is an action game which is also known as shooting game or gun game in short. In this game, your main character is a stickman and he has his own bazooka to fight against different type of characters. The stickman moves around the stage, shoots enemies and collects coins to buy power-ups and upgrade his weapon. The goal of the game is to collect at least three stars on each level in order to unlock the next one. So don’t let this opportunity pass away from you! Good

Bazooka Hyper is a game that combines the best casual action games and classic arcade games. Join Bazooka and become a legendary hero! Explore the entire world and defeat all evil forces to save princess Lilly from an evil wizard. Features: - Beautiful graphics, 3D comic animation style. - Lots of characters, weapons and accessories for you to choose from in this Action RPG game. - Two different control methods, fingertip control or touch screen control. -- Choose whichever you are more comfortable

In this game you control an angry little stickman with a bazooka and you have to shoot all the enemies that come across your path. Use your mouse and aim your cannon. Shoot as many enemies as possible for more points and for upgrading 

How to play

Using Mouse