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You are a super hero, who has to fight against powerful enemies. Use your skills and reach new heights while staying as relaxed as possible. It's time to jump into the cape

Do you like to play games? If yes, Superheroes Jumping is an amazing game for you! In this game,you will be playing as the famous superhero,Batman. You will have to jump over various obstacles and enemies in order to reach the other side of the map. If you are a fan of games that require quick reflexes and concentration, this is the game for you! To play Superheroes Jumping: • Download and install the game from here. (This game requires Adobe Flash Player 7) • Open your web browser and type “superheroes jumping” into the address bar to start playing. This game has been specifically made for mobile devices so that players don’t have to deal with slow internet connections or lagging desktop computers. 

Superhero Jump is a game about jumping, running and kicking your way through different levels. It's casual, fun and it's for everyone who loves to jump and run. The game is simple but addicting. Use your physics-defying skills to jump over obstacles in this crazy collection of hyper-themed

How to play

Using Mouse