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About A Defense Game

Today we are going to talk about a very interesting game called 2D action defense is a 2D action-defense strategy game with a unique setting. You need to protect your base from attacking enemies while they try to attack yours too. The enemies will attack when the time comes that you cannot defend yourself. That is why you must be ready as soon as they attack so you can counter back and win the battle. The more battles you win, the stronger army you will get and that’s how you can easily defeat your enemies and become victorious in the end. 

Tower Defense games is a genre of video games where the player must build defensive structures to fight against incoming enemies. Each level typically has a set number of enemies that attack in varying combinations. The player is tasked with building towers that react to the waves of enemies and target them with powerful abilities. There are many different variations of tower defense games, which often have their own unique rules or mechanics. Read on to learn more about this intriguing genre and find some great tower defense

A new tower defense strategy game has arrived. You are the commander of an alien defense force who needs to protect your base from invading alien forces. Place towers, deploy aliens and upgrade your base to strengthen its defenses against future

How to play

Using Mouse